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vr 17 mrt 2017 2:23
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vr 17 feb 2017 2:59
Our son (now 21 years old) lost his hearing at the age of 2 due to his 2 year vaccinations. Has anyone ever heard of this type of damage being reversed?? Thanks!

zo 14 okt 2012 23:15
Dr Faisal Afaq
This is really great research. I reached to the point that only classical homeopathy is not enough in this case. So there are many other ways waiting for us except violation of homeopathic laws. thanks for the soul of respected dr tinnus smith. and i am agree with NISHAA
vr 14 sep 2012 9:51
Hannah Overton
I am so grateful to have found Dr. Smits' research. I have started taking a miasm and it is changing my life. I wish health to all who encounter his work.
ma 20 aug 2012 20:33
Hello, I suffer with autoimmune and CVID and have started using the methods of isotherapy to detox the damage caused by vaccines. I feel this is going to have a tremendous impact for me. I had suspected a long time that vaccines and mercury had crippled my health from an early age, but I have been detoxing from mercury for three years but it has not been enough, I do now know that the bigger culprit is in fact vaccines.
di 14 aug 2012 14:47
reed barnes
(CEASE therapists are trained during a 5 day course, given by certified CEASE therapy instructors, to guarantee the high quality of treatment and to ensure the correct application of this method. The homeopathic practitioners are only certified as CEASE therapists after having successfully passed the final exam" It what world, is a training course that only requires 5 days ever sufficient to treat someone with any life altering effect? I think it is almost patronizing to think about, that you belittle the struggles of some parents and families to accompany an autistic child.

If you have evidence linking vaccines to autism provides. If you have resources show me. Email them to me. Make me support your claims. Do not just claim one fact and not substantiate it.

email me at I will respond. Not my main email, but suffices just fine.

REPLY from Moderator:
It's not just a 5 day course. Participants are also required to have completed a 4 year (usually) homeopathy study.

do 28 jun 2012 15:17
Ingrid Doerr
Dear Mister Smits,

thank you for your interesting publications about lac-mat.

Where can I get Lac-mat Q6 or LM6 ?

I have found only sources for C- or K-potencies.

Best regards

vr 22 jun 2012 13:37
Dear dr.smits,
I am Sandhya an indian lady with homeopathy family for the past 2 generations. I read your articles and your point of view about diseases and it is very valuable for the humankind. I would like to buy your books for deepening my knowledge and hope to meet you in person one day. I presently live in Milan Italy,all the best for your great endeavours. take care and best regards

vr 22 jun 2012 8:54
Ynette Mulder-de Ronde
aan Erwin Kleine Punte:
een kwik of metaalvergiftiging kun je helpen afvoeren met Hepar sulphurus D6. dagelijks een aantal korrels innemen, zolang tot de urine niet meer donker ziet...

vr 8 jun 2012 16:32
Het hele vaccinatie en autisme verhaal is redelijk controversieel. Ik zou graag zien dat er substantiele fondsen gaan naar onderzoek om dit eens op te helderen. Hetzelfde geldt voor de voedingsproblematiek van met name autistische kinderen. Het schijnt dat een gluten en caseinevrij dieet enorm kan bijdragen aan het welzijn van deze kinderen.

groeten Jake

za 2 jun 2012 21:55
Erwin Kleine Punte
Kan iemand mij raad geven, Tinus heeft mij met een groot probleem achtergelaten, nl faliekant verkeerd gereageerd op mercurius solubulum, begin 2009 na ca 6 maanden 30 k en 5 keer 200 k gestopt, sindsdien kwikvergiftigd, slik sinds augustus 2011 chlorella. Graag reactie.
wo 30 mei 2012 17:22
Gabrielle Hogg
I am a adult with Autism and i very much believe that vaccines are part of why i have Autism. I treat myself biomedical and I have just started the CEASE therapy. I am already seeing progress already I will keep everyone updated on my progress. oh by the way i live in New Zealand
ma 21 mei 2012 9:35
Do any homeopaths feel guilt about deaths that have resulted from their advice not to vaccinate? Interested for research purposes.
do 17 mei 2012 12:53
marie RIVAL
It is long time I was away: i'm happy to have found (find)you and Marie Pierre.I'm Marie Rival
Big big kisses all the family
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vr 27 apr 2012 16:49
Sorry, but do any of you know how a vaccine actually works? It's an inactive fragment of a disease causing pathogen that NATURALLY stimulates the immune system so that your own body is ready to fight off a deadly pathogen when it encounters it. They are just immune system primers to allow you to naturally fight off deadly diseases. You should all be grateful someone discovered this rather than letting your children die from preventable diseases, or having to pump them full of toxic drugs once they've contracted something because you haven't given them the opportunity to fight it off naturally. Please speak to a trained doctor before you decide to neglect your children and potentially kill them. Or kill others by allowing them to spread preventable deadly diseases.
za 14 apr 2012 21:25
Can you please provide any evidence that vaccines have any association with autism? I would like to see this. Are you also aware that several thousand children have died from measles and whooping cough due exclusively to lack of available vaccination?

Which vaccines are you claiming cause 70% of autism and what is the proposed mechanism?

za 14 apr 2012 21:18
Gloria Maria Barbosa
Uma abordagem maravilhosa de novas possibilidades que a Homeopatia nos mostra, através da compreensão sutil e inteligente de Tinus Smits. Bravo!
vr 13 apr 2012 17:55