Inspiring Homeopathy

Vernix caseosa

Lack of protection

This remedy is made with the sebum of ten different new born babies by Dolisos Belgium.
The way from Lac maternum to this remedy was a little bit longer then from Saccharum officinale to Lac maternum. Whereas it was logical in some way that after the sugar the mother’s milk was needed to help the patient to incarnate, it was more difficult to understand that after being incarnated we need to protect our own energy and to clean it from all energy that is not our own. My own son, who is a M.D. also, gave me finally the idea of Vernix caseosa.
Vernix caseosa (sebum) protects the unborn baby during its incarnation process and it was logical that this substance would be appropriate to protect the patient against outside influences. This idea was clearly confirmed by two similar dreams during a dream proving in Switzerland.
The first dream is of a man. ‘I am before the entrance of a discotheque or youth-hostel, dark and rather big. On the left side of the entrance, a very tall wasp is dying, shriveled and finally dead, surely the queen of the swarm that is trying to enter heaping up at the door-frame. I realize at that moment that a wasp or rather a bee is attached to my right arm, as if she had stung me. She is clinging to me very tightly in spite of several movements of my left arm to chase her. I wounded her even by pulling out the half of her body. But there is no fear, no pain.’
The second dream is of a woman and expresses the same idea. ‘I am entering a kind of dark corridor that leads to a dancing. There are a lot of whores laughing at me and threatening me in some way. But I don’t feel threatened at all and continue my way.’
Both dreams express the threatening outer world and the protection that is given by the Vernix. So these are both healing dreams as I explained already in the chapter ‘What is proving a proving’). The feeling of the Vernix patient is definitely a feeling of being unprotected and being assaulted by the outer world.
The essence of Vernix caseosa is insufficient separation of its own energy fields from the energy outside. It can easily happen that a person in that state crosses people in the street and picks up the sorrow of somebody who lost his mother, the hate of somebody who is divorcing, the anxiety of somebody who has to face a difficult situation, the hurry from somebody who is late and the nervousness of the whole city. Entering from a two hours shopping trip that person feels completely exhausted, is irritable, shouts the children, feels discontented, aggressive, unhappy, depressive and needs the rest of the day and a whole night sleep to find herself again. In such a state we are the playing ball of energies coming from outside, mixed up with our own energy creating chaos inside. This can force us in an attitude of taking distance to protect our selves, of staying home because we need the protection of our house as a second shield. We have to avoid watching TV, to listen to the radio, to read the journal and have only superficial contacts with other people. But this is only a plaster on a bleeding wound. Or we can be completely overwhelmed by all these outer energies, not knowing how to canalize them, not aware of what happens. Many of these patients are so vulnerable that they are continuously in a state of emotional imbalance. Vernix therefore can be of wonderful help at a certain moment in our live, when we have the feeling that we are overwhelmed and unable to defend ourselves.  It enables us to build up a natural separation between our own energy and the outside energy. This is quite different from the protection that a Natrum muriaticum patient has built up to protect himself. He hides emotionally behind a wall, cannot feel his emotions any more. Vernix enables us to stay in contact with the outer world on all levels without being overwhelmed by it and to feel what our own emotions are and what those of others, without mixing them up.
Once the person has completely accepted to be in his physical body and in this material world by the action of Lac maternum, becoming much more alert and aware of his surroundings, the whole incarnation problem is still not resolved. He has to clean his own energy from that of other people and of other him surrounding energies. He has to leave the attitude of the sponge and become more as a mirror, reflecting in stead of absorbing. When the Lac maternum layer is completely resolved often the patient starts to complain that he is overwhelmed by so many things, that he has the impression to drown. He has too many things to do, too many problems ask his attention and he feels a too strong concern with the problems of other people. There is no time to rest and to fulfill his own needs and he can hardly take care of himself. He is losing constantly energy in contact with other people, easily picking up the perturbations of others. Finally he doesn’t know any more which are his own feelings and what is from outside and starts to be emotionally unstable.
But Vernix caseosa can resolve this problem in nice and effective way. With Vernix we can stay open, because we are also part of this world, participants of the whole scene and responsible to a certain point to what happens on the earth. The solution to the problem is not simply close the door, but stay in touch and conscious, not ignorant and apart, but nevertheless without being affected by the emotional charge, hate, suffering, sorrow and pain of the world. This is not a state of indifference, whereas the first reaction of patients having taken Vernix is often a feeling that they express as 'indifference' to the outer world. The patient is again capable to feel two different energies. The negativity of the mass is not longer affecting such a person. He is surrounded by a couch of light and high energy.
In this state of consciousness he is without judgment knowing that if he hates or combats certain situations in the world he gives power to these lower energies and at the same time he is also affected by them. Everybody has to go through certain processes. That consciousness can make us mild. Human beings learn mainly by experience.
Contamination by the energy of other people, by TV, radio, journals, electrical and other pollution increases the suffering, pain, hate, violence, etc. channeled by these mass media to our energy, putting the world in a still more miserable state. By the same mechanism the house where we live becomes a place where these negative energies are also stored. It can be easily understood how a therapist listening whole day to the problems of his patients, and who is not aware of these processes, is overloading himself with a lot of energy that is not part of his own energy and is charging also the place where he is working and living with the energy that patients left with him. The fact that the patient left a part of his (disharmonious) energy with the therapist does not help in any way the patient. He can only be helped by an inner process of cure that can be catalyzed by the intervention of the therapist. When there were no mass media it was much easier to live our own restricted reality. But mass media are part of our modern time and can help us also to feel more concerned with the world in general, to be more conscious of the role we have to play out of the small spot we live in. It makes us more responsible for the whole earth and we can not simply turn the button and stay unaware of what is happening in and with our world. This creates a complete new condition where a new consciousness of energy is necessary. We have to learn what is outside and what is inside, what is ours and what is not ours. Protection of our different energetic levels becomes essential to a harmonious functioning in our modern world. Vernix enables us in stead of ingesting all kind of disharmonious energies to spread a positive curing energy of love and concern over the world, focusing on love in stead of hate, on happiness in stead of sorrow, on harmony in stead of disharmony, on responsibility in stead of irresponsibility, on cheering with our fellow beings in stead of exploiting them. It can take the feeling away that there is not enough and that we have to fight and take from others to have enough. Once a businessman told me: “When I am dealing with other companies I want that both parties benefit from the deal.” He was a very successful businessman. Having a clean non polluted energy enables us to become creators of harmony aware of the fact that as human beings we are the creators of our own reality. That we take actively part in this creation and leave behind us the attitude of being victimized by others.
After the administration of Vernix caseosa in general there is a great feeling of harmony from inside without anything from outside being able to interfere with this state. In the beginning of the treatment with Vernix caseosa this can be felt as indifference, but later on that feeling disappears letting a clear understanding of inner and outer energies.
Case example
This 31 year old mother of two children was depressive since more than ten years. She was treated during eight years already with 16 different homeopathic remedies. Although she was better for quite a time after Hyoscyamus she never cured. She was tired and depressive, apathetic, restless in her head, unable to stop her thinking. As a child she always felt bored with other children, feeling different and preferred to be on her own. During her puberty she felt ugly, balancing between bulimia and anorexia. She was a dreamer, living in her own world of fantasy. She loved to read books. But I her actual state she is unable to read, she can not take in anything. She needs a lot of sleep. Although she had a lot of Carcinosinum cum Cuprum symptoms and this remedy would have fit quite well I preferred to prescribe her Lac maternum 30K, once a week, because of her long lasting sadness and weakness with the tendency to stay in bed. After two weeks of increased fatigue she became angry with her mother and sister, because she felt that she had been treated as an inferior being by them. Slowly she gets more energy, feels less tired in her head, starts to enjoy life and is less depressive. On the 200K she starts to feel bored at home whereas before she preferred to stay at home to protect herself. She wants to work outside home. She feels more courageous. She starts a course of foot reflex massage. Finally she went through the MK and XMK. The whole treatment of the Lac maternum layer lasted more than two years. She enjoys now to go to parties whereas before she hated that. Also her physical health has improved. But during the weekend and during holidays when her husband and children are home whole day she still looses her energy and cannot really be herself. On weekdays she feels energetic. She still picks up things in the her surrounding world and she is too considerate of others. Then Vernix caseosa 30K, once a week is started. After a short aggravation during which she felt tired and listless she feels much less affected by her children around her, she even undertakes games with them, inventing even new games. She no longer picks up everything around her and is able to read a book without feeling exhausted. She enjoys shopping for the first time in her life. She becomes aware that she was not directing her life herself, but that her parents took all the decisions in her place. She did studies that were their choice, not hers. Even these days her parents direct her life with the best of intentions. For example her mother wants to go with her to buy new curtains. She is able now to put clearly her limits and to decide for her own. She is on XMK now, three and a half year after the beginning of treatment with Inspiring Homeopathy. She feels another woman, responsible, enjoying life, likes to be in company and takes her life in her own hands.