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Carcinosinum cum Cuprum

Carcinosinum cum Cuprum is a mixture of the lowest available dynamisation (5CH) of Carcinosinum 15T with the same potency of Cuprum metallicum (5CH). This mixture was potentised together up to 30K and higher and also up to LM6 (ab5CH). This was done by Dolisos Belgium, but the CCC is now available also in different other countries.
The idea of mixing Carcinosinum with Cuprum metallicum came up in my mind from the observation of a curious phenomenon, namely that a lot of Carcinosinum patients had also a clear Cuprum side if a further investigation concerning this remedy was done. This put me often in the embarrassing situation to have to choose between both remedies without a clear reason in which order I should give them. I had the strong impression that both remedies expressed their symptoms at the same level. That I had to give these remedies one after another didn’t satisfy me at all and didn’t give the results I expected.  So one day I got the idea to put them together and to make a new remedy. The experience with this newcomer struck all my expectations. Now it was possible to treat whole the patient and not a part of it.
This 50 year old lady has a heavy depression two times a year, in spring and winter and had a severe postnatal depression after the birth of her second child 23 years ago. She is a melancholic person. Since 15 years she suffers sleeplessness from two years before her divorce. She lives now alone with her son. She is unhappy because she does not see any direction in her life, how to go further. She has the feeling to have taken the wrong train. Before she lived for her children, but now....? She says: ‘I don't have any vision of the future. I feel desperate, but I know that suicide is not a solution.’ She was the oldest of seven children, but she felt alone whole her life. ‘My mother never took me on her lap, only when I was very ill’. She was asthmatic distant, irritable and unhappy. Her father was almost never there, he worked hard and there was not enough money. ‘The only attention I could get, she tells, was by working for my mother, at age six I hang out the wash, I was a second mother. I always took care of my younger brothers and sisters and even nowadays they expect me to do a lot of things for them. I always am occupied with the needs of other people and nobody respect my boundaries. ‘Where am I?’ She is very sympathetic, always anxious, there is no basic trust; she has claustrophobia, fear of high places, fear of crowd and fear to go in the street. She is a hypochondriacal and has fear of cancer and to fall sick. Thunderstorms and lightning are very fascinating for her. She is fond of reading, walking in the mountains and she loves nature, Mozart and Bach. She is rather fastidious, never late. She has easily the feeling to have done something wrong. She is tired since years.
At this point there are enough indications that this woman needs Carcinosinum, but ... I have taken the habitude to look in every apparent Carcinosin patient if there is also a Cuprum side. So let’s have a look. She is very organized; she is able to put structure in her life and work. She has a strong tendency to finish her work the same day otherwise she is very dissatisfied. She can only rest if all the work is done and there has to be order around her. She is extremely cautious and very respectful to rules. She is angry when not taken seriously. She has to control everything because of that anxious child in her. She is a hard worker and not very flexible.
This shows us a clear Cuprum part and so the remedy is not Carcinosinum but Carcinosi­num cum Cuprum.
Because CCC is a mixture of Carcinosinum (15T) and Cuprum metallicum we have to consider both remedies. As in e.g. Calcarea phosphorica we find both Calcarea carbonica and phosphorus elements, we have to understand also both elements of CCC. The essence of CCC can easily be defined because the essence of both parts is the same: lack of self confidence, lack of basic trust. What is different is the way they handle it. The Carcinosinum person will try to cope with his uncertainty by trying to please his parents, especially the father, by doing his best, trying to realize their expectancies, to be a model child, to make no errors and to be responsible. He adapts overly to the demands of others, doesn't stand up sufficiently for himself. This makes him in general a nice uncomplicated child, easily teased by other children who feel his weakness and lack of self defense. Whereas the Cuprum personality copes quite differently with his lack of self confidence. He will prove that he is not stupid, not ordinary, not average. He feels not appreciated, underestimated. He puts a tremendous energy in showing his father or who else that they are wrong and that he is capable to be the best, can do better than his father. He has a very strong will and never will give up, because that would mean have to admit that he can not do it. The Cuprum personality is therefore commonly very successful and is found in the high ranks of our society.
Both pictures seem to be very different and even contradictory. How we can find both pictures in own person? Sure a weak will and a strong will are difficult to find in the same person.  But often there is also a weak side in the Cuprum patient, making him weak towards his parents, but showing himself strong outside, in this way compensating his weakness. Even in children we can find this double behavior already. In these cases you will mostly find a clear Carcinosinum picture together with the Cuprum picture.