Inspiring Homeopathy


Cases: 1  2

Case 1: This 56-year-old lady is a nice example of how we can lose our center. She had been married for 35 years when her husband left her suddenly for a younger woman. She was ripped by a mixture of feelings going from the deepest sadness and hopelessness to feelings of hatred and rejection. She was referred to me by a psychiatrist, because she seemed unable to stand up for herself and get out of her negativity and helplessness. How could he throw her away like litter? She had dedicated whole her life to him, serving him, being at his side whenever he needed, loving him as much as she could. She had completely lost her self-respect. I gave her Ignatia, Staphysagria, Rhus-tox and Saccharum off., but nothing really helped her. She continued to feel like the victim of her husband and the whole situation. How could she build up a new life at her age? And how she could ever cope with her loneliness since she was used to living with her husband? Her healing process really started when I understood that her center was not in herself, but that her husband had played this role all the time. Unconsciously, her husband became the center of her world and when he disappeared out of her life, she felt completely lost, roaming around without purpose. Hydrogenium 30K every week had a miraculous effect. After three months she felt completely different. She was ready to pick up her life again. She started to organize her life as she wanted it to be. She enrolled in a painting course, something she had always wanted to do but never did because she didn’t want her husband to be alone at home. She didn’t feel lonely anymore and her mood swings disappeared. She also stopped reproaching her husband for all that he had done. She strongly felt the need to make something special of her life. She found her soul again. On the 200K there was not so much change, but on the MK there was a break-through. She made an appointment with her ex. Her first idea was to tell him how much she had suffered and to show him her anger, but after a week of deep transformation she thanked him for the pain, for the awareness she got back because of him. She was able to forgive him and to forgive herself. In the end, she wished him all the best and felt free to close this chapter with her ex-husband. She realized how much she had lost her Self in this long-lasting relationship and that she would never have had the courage to step out of it on her own.

Case 2: The problems of this 22-year-old young man were mainly mental-emotional. His interests and possibilities were so many that he was confused and didn’t know what to choose in life. Even with girlfriends he had this problem. He was always asking himself why he should choose this one rather than those other ones who are so nice and express different qualities he likes as well. He didn’t know what he was really interested in with so many things to consider. Once he had made up his mind he lacked the discipline to stay with his choice. He started doubting and regretting all the other possibilities he would now have to abandon. He had no physical problems. It was clear that he lacked focus and that he was not really connected with his center. He just jumped from one possibility to another. Hydrogenium is the remedy that can cure this situation and it did. After 3 months of Hydrogenium 30K once a week, he gradually developed more confidence that everything would turn out all right. He became more motivated to undertake things. He realizes now that very often he looked to other people to clarify his own point of view and make his choices. Now he just looks inside himself to know. His fear of making wrong choices is gone and he no longer has any difficulties arranging his life; he just makes up his mind and is confident that it will turn out well. He also stands up for himself. His anxiety about not knowing how to cope with others is gone. He noticed that people are reacting differently to him also. He still has not made the major decision as to what he will do for work in life, but he is confident that it will come and he is not worrying any more about it.