Inspiring Homeopathy


CH = Hering; Cl = Clarke; GV = George Vithoulkas; HD = Henri Duprat; HH = Hahnemann; GJ = Jahr; JTK = Kent; Ph = Phatak; PS = Pierre Schmidt; RBd'H = Revue belge d'homéopathie; RK = Kent's repertory; TS = Tinus Smits; WB = Boericke

  1. ESSENCE: want of self-confidence with very strong desire to prove that he is not worthless by holding everything under his control.
  2. CAUSATIONS/REACTIVATIONS: lack of approbation or constant disapproval (TS), undermining of self-confidence (TS), too high expectations from the parents (TS); lack of opportunities to realize his abilities, to make a career; TOO MUCH STRESS causing mental (2) or physical (TS) EXHAUSTION, OVEREXERTION of mind, LOSS OF SLEEP (2); TOO MUCH CONTROL suppressing his emotions; SUPPRESSED ERUPTIONS (2,TS [asthma])
  3. Type: blue sclerae (TS), swelling around the eyes (1, TS), somewhat protruded eyes (TS), blue circles about the eyes (2)
  4. CRAMP or TENSION on the mental, emotional, or physical levels (TS): convulsions, migraine (2), asthma (3), angina pectoris (1), hypertension (1), spastic colon (2), cramps (3) or tension in muscles (TS), trembling (1), twitching (2), Raynaud (TS), coldness of extremities (3)
  5. Fear of LOSING CONTROL (TS); fear of INSANITY (1); fear of falling (2); fear of heart disease (TS); fear of the dark (2); fear of water (1,TS)
  6. FEAR OF IMPENDING DEATH (1); fears he will die at any moment, presentiment of death (1); delusion, he is about to die (1); anxiety when alone (TS)
  7. Fear of having an ACCIDENT (1,TS), of riding in a car (TS)
  9. HYPOCHONDRIACAL ANXIETY (GJ,TS); anxiety after fright (2); anxiety for others, especially his family (TS)
  10. Mental RIGIDITY (TS); physical RIGIDITY (3)
  11. Very respectful of RULES; angry when others do not follow them (TS)
  12. Very sensitive to INJUSTICE (TS)
  13. CAUTIOUS (2,TS)
  15. OCCUPATION amel. (2,TS); physical exertion amel. (TS); always busy (TS); desires to finish his work (TS)
  17. Strong sense of RESPONSIBILITY, aware of his duty (TS)
  18. FASTIDIOUS in his work (TS); conscientious (TS); fear of FAILURE (TS); has to prove himself (TS); sure to ARRIVE AT THE APPOINTED TIME (TS)
  19. FANATICISM (TS), never gives up (TS)
  20. AMBITIOUS (TS); will be THE BEST; tries to prove that he can make it, that he is not an ordinary laborer or that he is not stupid, etc. (TS)
  21. HARD WORKER, very active, never has time to rest or to relax; has many activities, very organized; other people can hardly believe that one person can so many things; works so hard yet does not feel fatigue; he plans the whole day; strong desire to finish the task at hand; PERSEVERES, never gives up (TS)
  22. Is HARD on himself and on others (GV, TS)
  23. Desires to be INDEPENDENT (TS), reluctant to ask for help (TS) DICTATORIAL (2), talks with authority (1); delusion, he is a person of rank (1)
  24. PROSTRATION OF MIND (3); mental and physical EXHAUSTION (TS), BURNED OUT (TS); LASSITUDE (3)
  26. MALICIOUS (2); malicious laughing (1,TS)
  27. COLD FEET (3), ICY coldness (2); coldness of hands (2), of fingers (RAYNAUD)(TS)
  28. AGG.:mentally or physically overworking (2); touch (3), before menses (3); suppression, suppressed foot sweat (2),
  29. AMEL.: occupation (2,TS); cold drinks (2)(cough, nausea, vomiting, hiccoughs and spasms [CH]); perspiration (3)


  1. Enormous mental and physical TENSION (TS); CLENCHED FISTS (TS)
  2. Fear of STRANGERS (2), while teething (CH); TIMIDITY (2); fear of others approaching him (2,TS)
  3. Aversion to being TOUCHED (1,TS); aversion to being CARESSED (TS); fear, child cannot bear to have anyone come near him (2)(RK43); cannot bear to be looked at; never looks into his mother's eyes; turns the eyes or face away when looked at (TS)
  4. Averse to CHANGE (TS), NEW things make him anxious (TS)
  6. Can be ameliorated when CARRIED or riding in a car (TS) or the opposite: the child stiffens and kicks when carried (TS)
  7. Nervous laughter (TS); malicious laughter (1,TS)
  8. MALICIOUS (2); pinches or scratches the face of his mother or father or other children (TS)
  9. Desires to BITE (2); bites glass when fed (2)
  10. IRRITABLE children (1,TS)
  12. Not wanting to PLAY (TS)
  13. NIGHT TERRORS (TS); wakes at night weeping and shrieking but doesn't want to be touched or consoled (TS)
  15. Episodes of BREATH HOLDING (3)
  16. CONVULSIONS: during dentition (2); when eruptions fail to appear (3); from excitement (2); with falling (2); after punishment (PS,=RK)
  17. WHOOPING COUGH: child gets stiff, breathing ceases, twitches spasmodically; after a while consciousness returns (CH); anxiety before an attack of whooping cough (2)[1]
  18. SUFFOCATIVE COUGH (3), night (2); child becomes stiff and blue in the face (2); child coughs fitfully and during the paroxysm may appear as if dead (JTK)
  19. Stridulous laryngismus; violent attacks without any cough (CH); asthma after suppressed eruptions (TS)