Inspiring Homeopathy


Cases: 1  2

Case 1: The first case (19) is a child of five years. I first saw him at the age of three weeks when he got an inflammation of the right eye and a coryza for which Tetracycline was prescribed. In succession to this he got eczema on the face with enormous itching and extension to the skin folds. During pregnancy the mother had a toxicosis and the child was delivered by vacuum extraction. During the first week the mother hardly saw the child because she was ill herself. At the age of three months he was drinking very greedily from the bottle with a lot of eructations and vomiting continuing hours after feeding. Aggravation when lying and a clear improvement from 5.30 pm to 9 am. After drinking the bottle he is always weeping. For three weeks he had a green stool with stony hard thick lumps. This bothers him the whole day long and he does not want to lie on his abdomen or he screams. He does not tolerate changes, is very restless and starts violently from noises. The eczema is aggravated by contact with water. I prescribed then without success Sulphur 200K. The eczema was treated with a cortisone ointment and in May 1988 the first asthma attacks started.
In January 1992 the situation is as follows: He is using Becotide 2 dd, Beconase spray and Echinaforce. He received antibiotics about 13 times a year for his asthmatic bronchitis, is coughing especially at night, sometimes for three hours continuously. The cough has a dry and sometimes barking quality. He continually lies down. Recently he coughs on waking in the morning which improves after rising. He is also better at the seashore. Until the age of two and a half he felt unhappy, he is aggressive and strikes other children and his parents. He is not able to handle stress and starts coughing. He talks continuously. He can be quiet but also very excited and busy. He perspires very easily, has a panic fear of dogs and is afraid of unusual, new things. He has fear of failure and needs constant positive encouragement. He is very dominant and needs clear rules, he has to know exactly where he stands. He dislikes everything that is warm and likes cold drinks and desires cheese and sweets.
My prescription was Lycopodium 200K. During the first week he developed a fever and his aggressiveness returned, he is impudent and has conflicts with everyone. Afterwards the coughing improves, but after four weeks he gets a cold again and has a dyspnoea: Lycopodium 200K, diluted, every hour. A good reaction but a relapse after two days. After a repetition it improved a little, but new symptoms appeared. He wakes at 4 am with a barking cough which sometimes causes vomiting. Dyspnoea from coughing. His behavior has become very problematic. He hits and can suddenly become aggressive. He hurts others purposely, pinching, scratching, striking, kicking. If other children are doing something that is not allowed he interferes; he restricts himself to the rule, so others have to do the same, he is very rigid in this. He does not support change. In school psychological help is advised because of his aggressiveness and difficulty to express his emotions. What he had in mind has to happen. He is very tense and frustrated if something does not succeed. He demands a lot from himself. He first wants to finish things. He is very conscientious notably serous, but can also suddenly laugh. He suffers from anticipation and cannot be told things beforehand or is completely beside himself. He is continuously talking and needs constant confirmation. Despite his loquacity he is emotionally reserved. He does not like to be touched and never sits long on your lap. He hides himself away. He is abnormally dominant toward everyone and quarrels about everything.
If we now take into consideration the symptoms around his birth and the difficult dentition, we have here a beautiful description of a Cuprum child. He gets Cuprum XMK (9/4/92)
Follow-up after six weeks. The remedy "helped very well". He has become very quiet and nice, is happy and caressing for the first time, is more sweet. He is much less dominant, it is possible now to discuss things. He listens to remarks and accepts things. Less anticipation and can handle everything better. He can be with others again, no longer wakes at 4 am. After one week all medication is stopped. His respiration is not whistling anymore, sometimes still has a little cough and is bothered by nasal mucus, sniffles constantly. No medication, wait. In July 1992: Cuprum XMK repeated due to relapse. Cough, restlessness, itching until bleeds plus bad behavior all improved rapidly. Still suffers from anticipatory fears.

Case 2: This case (17) concerns a woman of 40 year with enormous tension and anxiety; chronic coryza, for more than 8 years; pain in sacral region; tingling in fingertips and a tense, tingling sensation in lower legs; irritated, more appetite and distention, hard abdomen before the menses; pain in left shoulder blade for three years; constant bad salty taste in mouth that changed to a sweetish taste after Calc.; frequent coughs; smokes 20 cigarettes a day since age of 18. A lot of tension because of a conflict with her daughter who left home. She has very blue sclera and brown spots in the face. Aggravation of complaints at 4 am.
21/1/92. Backache high in lumbar region; very sweet taste in mouth; no appetite; desires very cold drinks; very tense and careful; restricts herself to the rules, she never crosses a red traffic light; very anxious in a car, fear of accidents; very conscientious; routine person, wants to keep things as they are; hard worker always busy, wants to finish everything, has to be ready at a set time and does everything according to a plan. Perseveres; always in time; never leaves her job too early; fear of her boss, does not dare to ask for a day off; serious; aversion to be at home alone; aversion to cooked potatoes.
Prescription - Cuprum MK.
19/2/92. An immediate strong aggravation that continued for two and a half weeks. Coughing day and night with mucus deep from the chest and green or bland nasal discharge; remained at home sick. Slow improvement with cough almost gone and less pain in the left shoulder and less tingling in the fingers; sweet taste and tension 50 % better. Has more the feeling "there is another day tomorrow"; appetite much improved; very thirsty for cold water; better mood, can listen to music again and sleeps more relaxed; perspiration less, no flushes anymore; smokes much less.
Cuprum MK repeated on 16/3/92 due to a relapse and XMK on 8/4/92. After XMK an aggravation of 4 weeks: coryza, tingling fingers, menstrual pains, back and shoulder pains sweet taste, coughing. Afterwards a general improvement. Mood is much better, is happy again; more sociable. Much more energy. No tingling in fingers and pain in left shoulder has improved. Sweet taste improved 70 %. No back pain and cough only in the morning on rising. No flushes or perspiration. Still has tension in lower legs. Good appetite and a good sleep. Looks good.