Inspiring Homeopathy



  1. ESSENCE: NOT RESOLVED TRAUMATISMS OF THE PAST: in childhood or past lives and where hate, anger, feeling of being a victim and suspiciousness are deeply buried in the unconscious mind, or still at the surface when severe traumas took place in the childhood or recent past.. Often even these painful experiences are swept out of memory and have to be released gradually.
  2. CAUSATION: history of being THREATENED and/or ABUSED (physically, emotionally, sexually) with strongly suppressed anger, often by a family member or close person resulting in a sense of powerlessness; incest, sexual abuse, torture, imprisonment, repeated humiliation or any threatening situation
  3. SUPPRESSED ANGER; fear that anger comes out; unawareness of deep anger, not in contact with this anger any more; all kind of joint problems from suppressed anger
  4. VIOLENT ANGER, very aggressive; no consideration for anybody, has to express his anger to have rest
  5. ANGER WHEN UNJUSTLY TREATED; has a very accurate feeling for what is righteous and what is not; hyper-sensitive to injustice
  6. Feeling of HATE toward aggressor, desire to kill; CANNOT FORGIVE OR FORGET
  7. CURSING AND SWEARING, even at night, during sleep
  8. SUSPICIOUS; feeling that some one is behind him and feels threatened; fears that ghosts are looming up in the dark
  9. Ameliorated by leaving HOME or threatening place, WALKING, BICYCLING, MOTOR DRIVING, HORSE RIDING, etc.  IN OPEN AIR.: amelioration of anxiety, irritability, moroseness and sadness
  10. Feeling TO BE LOCKED UP and that there is NO WAY OUT, NO ESCAPE; strong desire to escape
  11. WEEPS without knowing why
  12. Feeling of LONELINESS
  13. DWELLS on past disagreeable events, night, after midnight
  14. Delusion to be DIRTY, especially in cases of sexual abuse
  15. ANXIETY in twilight, in the evening, in bed
  16. AGG.: beginning motion; cold, wet weather; overexertion; twilight, evening, night, after midnight
  17. AMEL.: continuing motion; physical exertion; open air; walking in open air
  18. Sadness, anguish, in twilight, evening, night, with a wish for privacy and an inclination to weep; aversion to company; attempts to escape, to run away; sadness from suppressed anger
  19. Suicidal mania (desires to jump into the water, but lacks the courage to commit suicide because of his fear of death; weary of life but fear of death; suicidal because of the feeling that life is useless to be lived and has no meaning, because of the feeling that there is no way out or that the deep wounds can never be healed any more
  20. Dreams of violence with blood
  21. Helpless and despondent
  22. PERSISTENT THOUGHTS, haunted by unpleasant thoughts
  23. STIFFNESS, morning in bed, after sleep, on rising, on beginning to move, after exertion, after walking; rheumatic stiffness in joints
  24. Frequent urination, daytime and night; cystitis