Inspiring Homeopathy


Case 1:This 41 year old lady with 2 children, 19 and 21 year old, has been treated for six year regularly. She was sent to me by a psychotherapist. She is working as home help. She had a dramatic childhood with incest and rape and all kind of violence. She was the third child of ten children and all her sisters were sexually abused also at a very young age. She also drowned almost two times because her mother fainted regularly. Her mother had electroshocks before and was unable to handle the dramatic family situation. She describes clearly that she left her body during rape. At five she was hospitalized with heavy vaginal loss of blood and after this event her father never touched her again and stopped also to beat her. At 18 and 21 she saw her father abuse her younger sister while her mother was present also. She had suppressed these memories completely, but it came to the surface during the psychotherapy. She married at 19 with a homosexual, what she discovered after one year of marriage. She still continued to live with him for 7 years. She left when he beat her for the first time. She always was tired and tense. When I see her she is married again and has two children. She was sent to me because she cannot weep and also her anger does not come to the surface in spite of the intensive body work she is doing. She suffers also from headache and hemorrhoids. There is also a lot of tension on her chest with stitching pain and pain around her navel. She is sweating a lot during the night and is always hungry, drinking a lot of water and tea and loves licorice. I start her treatment with Saccharum officinale 30K, once a week, just to see how see reacts on homeopathy and to prepare the more profound treatment with Rhus tox, fearing that Rhus tox would give too violent reactions. And there are sufficient indications to start with Saccharum also. She is doing well on Saccharum and goes rather quickly through the different potencies from 30K to XMK in less than one year. She has more energy, her headache is almost gone, her hemorrhoids are much better and she is much happier. During her psychotherapy there is more progress and she feels less blocked by her anxiety, but her emotions and anger are still obstructed. It is clear that the treatment is only superficial and that we have to go deeper to heal this lady profoundly and in my vision this work can only be done by Rhus tox. Now that I know her better I feel safe to start with this treatment. In such cases you have really to be careful to avoid decompensation and hospitalization in a psychiatric hospital. So I start with Rhus toxicodendron LM6, once a day. After two months she is fine. Her energy is much better. The hemorrhoids are completely gone now and she has become more assertive. For the first time she has expressed her anger towards her parents during psychotherapy. But what shows even more the deep action of Rhus tox. are the eruptions on her lower abdomen, groins, labia, and inner sides of her thighs. It is burning inside and itching horribly with a lot of sweat. The LM6 is continued and the eruptions disappear slowly in two months. After six months see starts the LM12. At that time she starts a course for body oriented therapy. On the LM18 she is finally able to express her deep anger towards her father without being anxious. She passes through the LM24 and LM30 without too many aggravations. Her anxiety is much less now and she is just saying what she dislikes. Her life has become lighter and she has a good energy. Then after two and a half year of LM-potencies I start the K-potencies. From the 30K up to the XMK in a good one and a half year. At the end she is working already with her own clients and she feels good, but slowly by slowly she starts to have doubts about her capabilities and that brings us to the next remedy which in her case is Carcinosinum cum Cuprum, because she tries to handle her insecurity by planning, rules and control.With this remedy she feels stronger and more capable to treat her clients. Now we are gone for a new layer and we will see what it will bring her. The reason that there were relatively few strong aggravations during her healing process has different reasons. First of all she was accompanied during this whole process by a very skilful psychotherapist. Secondly the homeopathic treatment was done carefully, not immediately starting with Rhus tox, preparing her in some way for the great healing process and the use of LM-potencies was smooth enough to make it possible to handle the whole situation. And she herself was quite reactive, able to throw her deep traumas out by a skin eruption for example. Finally she had the courage to face her fears and anger and to turn the coin, making from her painful life experience a positive experience with which she can help now other traumatized human beings as the lady in the first example.